5 Reasons to Consider a Power Monitoring System

Power Monitoring Machine

The easiest and most efficient way to retrieve and analyze the quality of power you consume is by setting up a power monitoring system. Abuilding automation software counts the number of power quality events while a power monitoring system extracts event forensics and raises a flag to mark significant events that can potentially cause damage within your facility. Below are five reasons you may want to think about a power monitoring system:

If you have ever had a premature failure of key equipment in your facility

To avoid such mishaps in future, it is advisable to install a power monitoring system because it acts as a tester. A power monitoring system is used to check whether your motors, pumps, transformers, control devices and any other electrical-type equipment is susceptible to premature failure. Possible causes of power failure include:

  • Excessive heat in transformer windings.
  • Micro-jogging and motor vibrations in motor bearings.
  • Heat and wear in cable insulation resulting in short circuits.

These events can be mitigated by having a power monitoring system in place.

If you experience tripping or unexplained resetting of control devices

You may be having a programmable logic controller (PLC) or a distributed control system (DCS) which automatically resets. You may also have a circuit breaker that keeps tripping for no reason and this tripping can negatively affect your facility and eventually ruin the quality of a manufactured product. For this reason, you will need a power monitoring system to give you forensic traces of why your circuit breaker tripped or why your equipment’s power supply reset and find possible solutions

If your facility operations and personal safety depends on reliable power

Power is acritical part of most facilities and operations cannot be complete without it. Therefore, if power is a critical component in your facility, you will need a power monitoring system to help maintain quality and efficient power supply. Power monitoring system is able to identify a pending mishap which can be fixed before it happens. This system ensures no equipment is overloaded and that the alarm system is present. Power monitoring system gives you access to reliable metrics that allow you to increase equipment lifespan and decrease maintenance costs.

If you want to automate emergency power supply system (EPSS) for compliance

Most power supervisory and data acquisition systems are centered around real-time monitoring and alarming adjustments. These systems rarely automate testing neither do they transfer switches and generators. A power monitoring system on the other hand can schedule tests and also evaluate results and automatically generate reports. This saves an organization numerous man-hour every other month.

Power Monitoring Services
Merculex Energy staff performing a power monitoring service

If you want to manage everything from one place

A power monitoring system does not only collect data, but also provides an extensive library of templates to guide you through data analysis. You can simply identify facility inefficiencies and the major contributors of energy use without necessarily going through a difficult customization program in building automation. Most automation solutions do not have the ability to handle complex cost allocation calculations but a power monitoring system can. It can easily detect when the plant is at its peak demand and map out cost distribution more accurately.

Having a functional power monitoring system in place is powerful and profitable because it easily identifies areas of voltage fluctuations and send alarms to responsible personnel. It also provides and easy and efficient way to identify, retrieve and analyze power quality events.