<span class="hpt_headertitle">Electrical Systems Maintenance</span>

Electrical Systems Maintenance

An electrical network is the backbone of almost all business operations and there are two major concerns when it comes to an electrical system maintenance; maintenance to ensure uninterrupted power supply and safety concerns. One of the major reasons for an electric failure is actually lack of periodic maintenance. All electrical systems require regular maintenance as well as a non-scheduled maintenance caused by unpredictable events like accidents. Intentional, periodic maintenance keeps the system operational at acceptable levels of service.

The intent of periodic maintenance is to keep the system operating at an acceptable level of service to the public. These activities are performed on the cycle applicable for the system including:

  • Wiring and connection maintenance
  • Enclosure maintenance
  • Documentation
  • Drain pump systems
  • Gate and barrier systems (micro and macro)
  • Intersection control beacons (include hazard beacons)
  • Roadway illumination systems
  • Sign lighting systems
  • Vehicle detection systems

Merculex Energy offers both on-demand maintenance as well as service plans. On demand occurs only on request and does not constitute long term service provider agreement while a service plan is a long-term service agreement that cover standard maintenance, estimate and simulate equipment condition overtime to assess downtime risks, parts replacement, system adjustments and cleaning. We also offer custom features that are easily adaptable to unique businesses. We also offer complimentary home inspections to ensure safety and peace of mind. A detailed, prioritised checklist acts as a guide in addressing electrical maintenance issues around your home, identifying safety issues that require immediate attention.