Energy Audit – A Step to Efficient Energy Management

Energy audit

There is need for more heat during the cold season than during warmer seasons and it is during these warm seasons that a home energy audit is important to prepare your home for the cold season, saving energy and money in the process. An energy audit  is important because it helps determine whether your home wastes energy and to figure out where the energy is being lost so that measures can be evaluated to make home energy more efficient.

An audit also determines the heating and cooling systems around your home and also ways to conserve the heat. These audits can be as simple as a do-it-yourself or can be detailed, which requires a professional auditor. A professional auditor uses special tools and techniques to pinpoint where there could be wastage, and also gives suggestions on how to save energy. Sky rocketing energy bills is one of the major signs that an energy audit is required around your home.

A walk through audit is the simplest way of conducting an energy audit. You can simply do this by walking from one room to the other to check for any leaks, always near windows and doors, fans, garage doors, and cracks. You can also check the level of insulation where possible. If you have heating or cooling equipment in your home, check the manufacturer’s date and determine the age of that equipment, and also check past maintenance records. Old equipment that does not have regular maintenance tends to consume more energy.

Another way to perform a self-energy audit is to review the types of lighting that you have around your home and think about efficient alternatives. Keep a checklist of all the areas you have managed to inspect and the faults that you have found. This list will help you figure out what needs to be prioritized. Also, once you have done your own inspection, you can ask a professional to come and redo it to see if you are on the same page. The beauty of hiring a professional is that, they are skilled, knowledgeable and often come with appropriate tools to determine where the problem is. They also give solutions and recommendations for more efficient energy consumption.

Energy audit
    Energy audit culminates into energy efficiency around the home

One of the tools that a professional energy auditor comes with is a computer program that conducts a more thorough residential assessment. These tools help determine how much you can save if you decide to follow the recommendations and have an energy upgrade for efficient consumption. With these recommendations, you will be able to prioritize the improvements to help save money and energy.

Professional auditors, commonly known as home doctors, usually conduct a sophisticated energy audit around your home using tools like blower doors, infrared cameras, digital surface thermometers and smoke pencils that are used to detect any leaks in the building. They may further perform a thermographic inspection to reveal infiltration in the hard to detect areas. The auditors then generate a report with the results found; the results usually give details on where energy is being wasted and also give recommendations on the improvements that can be made to save more energy.

If you are planning to make an extensive energy improvement around your home then using the services of a professional energy auditor is important. This is because they are skilled in this area and they will give a comprehensive report based on their findings and even suggest ways you can save energy around your home. Give us a call today if you need a comprehensive energy audit in your home.