<span class="hpt_headertitle">Energy Audit</span>

Energy Audit

This involve inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows in a facility. It is recommended because the audit results into a cost-effective energy efficiency measures without necessarily affecting the output. In a commercial or industrial real estate, energy audit is the first recommended step because it helps in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense and carbon footprint. It is becoming increasingly important to conserve energy hence regulations that require building owners to first perform an energy audit to keep installation and consumption measures in check.

At Merculex Energy, we help to identify and implement recommendations for energy efficiency, which not only has related benefits to building owners but also to tenants and the environment at large. For building owners, the benefits include financial – reduced costs and increased profit margins, operational – improved productivity, comfort and safety of energy supply, environmental -sustainability, resource conservation and lower emissions and recognition – energy efficiency awards. Tenants also prefer buildings with a low energy footprint. Our team of auditors are licenced by EPRA as stipulated by the law.