Energy Meters

Energy Meters

Energy meters are used to measure the amount of electrical energy consumed within a given period of time. At Merculex Energy, we install these instruments in homes, industries, and other commercial buildings to measure electrical consumption by loads such as lights, fans, refrigerators as well as other electrical appliances.  Energy meters basically measure the rapid voltage and currents as well as give instant power, which is integrated over a given time to give the energy used within a specified time.

Energy meters are classified in two categories:

  • Electromechanical induction meter
  • Electronic energy meter

The two categories are determined by several factors; the type of display, either analog or digital electric meter, the type of metering points that is secondary transmission, grid, local and primary. The end applications be it commercial, industrial or domestic and of course the technical aspects of the meter in question like single phase, three phases, high tension or low tension.

Electromechanical meter is the most common and well-known energy meter that comprises an aluminum disc placed between two electromagnets. The rotation speed of the disc is proportional to the flowing current. The aluminum disc is associated with a gear arrangement that dials and indicates energy consumed over time. This meter type is widely used in domestic and industrial applications. Electronic energy meters on the other hand are accurate, precise and more reliable. They consume less power and start measuring power usage almost instantly. It is used to identify unbalanced loads, poor connections, deteriorated insulation or any other issues that may exist without dismantling the components.