Energy Saving Resolutions for your home in 2020

Energy Saving Resolution for 2020

It is a tradition that every year we start thinking of resolutions. The most common resolutions are usually to eat healthier, lose weight and stay fit, save money and probably get married. What if these resolutions include saving energy or moving towards a lean energy? 2020 is a brand new opportunity to make better, more energy-efficient choices as we charge forward. There are a few energy-saving related resolutions that you can take into 2020 with you.

Perform an energy audit around your home

If you are truly serious about saving energy around your home then one way to kick-start your energy conservation efforts is to have a home energy audit. So what is an energy audit? Essentially, it is a professional inspection of your home or office to analyze the level of energy use and to identify potential waste.  An energy audit helps you understand energy usage and how to save money and energy.

Use energy saving lighting

Little steps add up into a big way eventually and one such step is to swap your normal lighting with energy saving lighting. Change your bulbs and lighting fixtures for more energy-efficient lighting to conserve electricity. Opt for LED lights to make that enormous difference. When you switch from incandescent bulbs to energy saving bulbs, which use about 79-90 percent less energy, and last about 15 times longer, you will be able to save about 70% of energy over the course of that bulb’s lifetime.

Reduce phantom load

Phantom load is simply electric load that is drawn from appliances or electronics when they are plugged in but are not in use. They simply waste energy and add unnecessary electric bills. The best way to eliminate phantom loads is to use power strips with an on and off switch to make it easy to switch it off when not in use. Avoid plugging in appliances and letting them lie idle. It consumes unnecessary energy.

Save energy, save the environment
Save energy, save the environment

Upgrade to energy saving appliances

It is guaranteed that appliances can be expensive and not everyone is willing to swap their appliances for more energy-efficient models. However, investing in energy-efficient models not only gives you a great makeover but also reduces power consumption. Take advantage of this resource and save money on energy.

Re-evaluate how you do your household chores

The simplest solutions are what make the biggest difference in the long run! This year, you can resolve to re-evaluate your everyday routines around your home. For instance keep good habits like switching off lights in rooms that are not in use or not plugging in gadgets that are not in use. Keeping good habits and swapping for more energy saving devices to cut down on the energy bill, conserve more energy and save a little extra money. Genuine easy solutions like meal preparations, opting for the broom instead of vacuum or using cold water temperatures to wash clothes and dishes can make a huge difference.

At the end of the day, the smallest of changes make the biggest difference in the long run. In 2020, plan to do everything in your power to conserve energy, stay committed to gain more knowledge that you need to maximize your energy saving. So what is your energy saving resolution for 2020?