<span class="hpt_headertitle">Environmental Impact Assessment Audit</span>

Environmental Impact Assessment Audit

Environmental auditing is an environmental management tool used to measure the effects of environmental activities against a set criteria or standards. The different types of audits depend on the various standards and the focus of the audit. Organizations now recognise the importance of EIA and the scrutiny that may come without adherence. EIA is a critical part of any project that may have a diverse effect on the environment; whether positive or negative. The examination seeks to find out how the project will affect people, their property and the environment. It also identifies the measures to mitigate the negative impacts. EIA maximizes on the positive effects although it also acts as a preventive measure.

Merculex energy has a team of qualified and experienced EIA experts who perform an environmental assessment that seeks to minimize negative effects of a project to the environment and also advise on ways to mitigate the negative effects identified. If a proper EIA is done, then the safety of the environment can be assured and the negative effects managed at all levels. The major reasons for conducing EIA include but not limited to:

  • Identify impacts of a project on the environment
  • Predict likely changes on the environment as a result of the development
  • Evaluate impacts of the various alternatives on the project
  • Propose mitigation measures for the significant negative impacts of the project on the environment
  • Generate baseline data for monitoring and evaluation impacts including mitigation measures during the project cycle
  • Highlight environmental issues with a view to guiding policy makers, planners, stakeholders and government agencies to make environmentally and economically sustainable decisions.