Is Coronavirus keeping you home? Here is how to make the most of this time.


Staying home all day is not something most people are used to but Coronavirus dictates and we have no option but to comply. This pandemic is the current talk of town and as scientists work day and night to find a lasting cure and a preventive vaccine, governments are forced to take stern measures to keep the virus at bay; one such measure is the rule to stay home in order to curb the spread. The current curfew and stay at home directives have instantly left us with some surprise time in our hands.
The streets may look empty, schools and businesses closed down but it is not all that bad. This is the right time to switch things up and take advantage of the sudden free time you have in hand. This pandemic shall pass eventually but before then, you have to be productive with the time you have at hand and do things that will divert your attention momentarily from the current talk of town. With companies allowing their employees to work remotely, you could still be having free time in your hands; the time you would use to commute to work. And although you cannot devote all that time to work, here are ways you can put it into good use.

Release the chef in you

Unleash the chef in you
Unleash the chef in you

Work and other errands have always taken up most of your time and even though sometimes you love a well cooked meal, you may end up with no time to prepare one. This is the time to unleash that chef in you. If there is a recipe you have always wanted to try, this is the time to do it. Dust off that cook book you stashed into the kitchen drawers, throw in an apron, roll up your sleeves, tie up your hair and get into the works. Lay out all the ingredients and get busy. You will have a sumptuous meal in a few hours.

Improve your skills

Spending time doing nothing during the first few days is alright, you may want to just relax and not have to task your mind to anything. But after a few days, it will get boring and you will want to get something to do. This is the perfect time to improve on your skills. Thanks to the internet, you are able to take up some online classes and learn a hobby or you can improve your knowledge in your chosen field of work. By the time all this is over, you will be an asset that is sought after. Don’t let this period make you redundant.


Crazy, right? Exercise had to make it to this list because most of us blame the lack of exercise on time. Now is the time to get busy and get moving. The world may seem to have stopped right now, and things seem to be upside down. Why not take this time and live just like that for a few minutes of every day that you are in isolation? Exercise will make your heart happy and body more resilient. Embrace the upside down life for a few minutes; do a head stand and literally view the world upside down. It will help you clear your mind of pent-up thoughts and fears.

Spend time with your kids

Grab a book and go on a mental journey.
Grab a book and go on a mental journey.

When was the last time you spent some quality time with your children? And the morning drive to school does not count. When was the last time you intentionally spent time with them? It might be a long time gone. Coronavirus may be a threat to humanity but it has given families a chance to bond with each other. This may be a challenging time to be a parent since your children are with you throughout and also have an obligation of working from home but you can make this time worthwhile by engaging in a number of activities.

Watch child-friendly flicks: Netflix and chill anyone? Absolutely! Pop up some popcorn, slump onto the couch and flip through the channels for some child-friendly entertainment and enjoy. Children appreciate you taking out time to do what they like with them. They will love you for that and this will also be a perfect bonding time.
Join in play with them: There is always a child in every adult that is crying out for release, and what better way to release than to play with the children? Create a routine that does not necessarily centre on screen time. Make art, dance, exercise, karaoke, paint or have some child friendly competitions. You could also challenge your child to teach you a skill they learned at school. They will be glad you asked!
Read for and with them: Children love being involved in activities. You can round up a number of books and read them in turns. Reading is a perfect way to while away time and they say if you want to travel without leaving your house, grab a book! Why not take the mental trip to where the book leads, with your children in tow? Collect some children’s books and get busy. This will also help them keep their anxiety levels down regarding COVID-19.

Start a vegetable garden
Well, this is something you have always wanted to do but you kept shelving it, right? What is the excuse, now that you have so much time in hand? Gardening helps relieve anxiety and it improves your mental health. Coronavirus has brought about so much panic and fear, which does more harm to the mental health. Why not counter-attack it by gardening. The beauty of it is that, it is an activity that brings the entire family together. Gardening makes of a great time outdoors.

Don’t let empty streets intimidate you. Take advantage of the current social distancing and indulge in some self-improvement activities. Make use of your time with the above guidelines and much more. Re-paint your walls, re-arrange your furniture, clear junk off your wardrobe; you will be glad in the end that you had this time. As you de-clutter your house, you de-clutter your mind too.