<span class="hpt_headertitle">Occupational Safety and Health Audit</span>

Occupational Safety and Health Audit

An audit is a methodical independent and documented assessment of a business system and processes measured against a regulated criterion to make sure the standards of health and safety are upheld at the workplace. The main aim of the occupational health and safety audit is to advise employers on the health and safety of the employee and to make recommendations on what adjustments could be made to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Merculex energy has a team of qualified technical and operational personnel that provide health and safety advise and to ensure that safety processes are maintained at all times. This is in line with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007of the Laws of Kenya. Under the aforesaid section, every occupier is required to cause a health and safety audit of the workplace at least once every 12 months by a health and safety adviser registered for that purpose by the Director of Occupational Health and Safety as per Section 10 of the Legal Notice No. 13 of 2004.

Occupational health and safety audits enable a company’s best practices to be spread throughout. Some of the hazards at the workplace are from chemicals, fire, repetitive motion, electricity and fall related injuries. Health and safety audits help in building a safe haven for employees by putting in place safety policies that address specific hazards in a given workplace.