<span class="hpt_headertitle">Power Monitoring</span>

Power Monitoring

Knowledge is power and knowing how much energy is being consumed is important. Power monitoring strengthens the maintenance and reliability of your energy by examining the voltage, current and frequency from electrical devices to detect malfunctions or component wear and tear. With an energy monitoring system in place, users are able to see how much gas, water or electricity is being consumed within a given time. You are also able to see how power solar panels are generating through a user-friendly touch screen with instant, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports being generated with ease.

With our knowledge and expertise, we help set up power monitoring systems which help in tracking usage patterns and help in making informed decisions regarding power usage and consumption. At Merculex Energy, we walk hand in hand with our client to help in understanding their energy usage and also identifying areas of performance improvement.  making with our expertise knowledge in energy, we walk hand in hand with our clients to help them understand their energy usage and also in realizing areas of performance improvement. Power monitoring is well suited for managing energy cost and efficiency. Reasons for power monitoring include:

  • Identify power quality problems
  • Protect motors from damaging currents and power surges
  • Prevent transformers and conductors from overheating
  • Locate and identify malfunction beforehand