Smart Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Smart Air Conditioning

Every year has different weather conditions and sometimes we face scorching heat from the sun that a cooling effect becomes inevitable. An air conditioner therefore becomes a close friend during the hot months. If a central air conditioning is not an option, a room air conditioner can be an inexpensive and energy-efficient way to enjoy a cooler environment in an otherwise heated up weather.

Are you ready to beat the heat yet? It is important to choose the right cooling unit, as much as it is important to stay cool during the hot months. An air conditioner that is way too small may struggle to cool an entire room, while one that’s way too big for a small room may perform the work way faster, without enough time to remove moisture, hence leaving your space way too cold for your liking. You need to pick the appropriate unit for your house or room.

Over the years, smart air conditioners have been added to the mix; you are able to comfortably control these gadgets from wherever you are using your smart phone. You can also connect them to other smart home systems to coordinate together and make work easier in your home even when you are not around. For instance, you can program a smart home system on the air conditioner to either draw your curtains or turn on your lights when it gets dark outside. That’s how digital the world is evolving!

Buying the right smart air conditioner may be a challenge, especially to those buying it for the first time. Let’s explore the buying guide and make the purchase experience easier:

Find out if it has an energy star label

We do want to keep cool during hot months without necessarily creating a dent in our wallets in the name of utility bills. To ensure you get an energy efficient air conditioner, please check out for the energy star label. Products with this label guarantee up to 20% more energy efficiency that those without the label. This means they are less costly to operate.

Matters sizes

It is amazing how clueless we can be when it comes to sizes and we find many people having the wrong size air conditioners for their spaces. A smaller unit does double the work to cool a bigger space and it may not work efficiently, while an extra big one will also not perform the work efficiently but instead waste energy thus making your utility bills to skyrocket. We can perform a heat-load calculation and evaluate the size of your space, and your cooling needs before we recommend the right system size for you!

Price is not the only factor

Price has always been one of the factors that people look at when they are looking into buying devices, but it is not the only factor to concentrate on. While a cheaper conditioner would be a relief to your wallet, there is also need to look at other viable options. Find a dealer who includes a longer period warranty on their products and also a service guarantee. We give satisfaction guarantee on our products, making it worth your investment.

Smart Air Conditioning
                            Position your AC to blow cool air from the centre of your room

Intelligent Cooling

With continued busy schedules and longer hours away from home, it is only prudent to consider an intelligent cooling system, otherwise known as a smart air conditioner. This one allows you to control and adjust your device from your smart phone. You can even connect it to other units in your home so that they can correlate and work together making your work much easier.

Take note of the noise

Cooling your house does not necessarily mean standing the noise the air conditioner produces, as some may be too loud for your liking. Look out for devices that are a bit quiet, with the only sound you hear is the fan running, which should also be low. A noisy air conditioner may disturb light sleepers and distract them from a good night’s sleep.

In order to get the most out of your air conditioner, ensure it is installed correctly. Have it in a position where it uniformly cools a room; the AC should be able to blow air from the centre of your room, swirling it around the room to achieve the coolness that you desire, and be able to mask out the heat, leaving your space cool and habitable.