Solar Power System Buying Guide

The good news is here with us! You can reduce your utility bills once and for all, by going the solar power system way. You can ask around from your friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues who chose to install solar power systems. The best review always comes from the people who are already using the product, but we are here to tell you that a solar system is an exciting investment you can have.

Here is a guide that will help you focus on the important aspects and the long term advantages of this investment; one that you will be living with for a very long time. The following are some buying tips that you can look out for when purchasing a solar system.


 In regards to efficiency, look at the ratio (in percentage) of the amount of energy from the sun that hits the panel surface vis-a-vis the electrical energy generated from the same. For instance, if the panel captures about half the energy from the sun then the conversion efficiency would be 50%. This is not usually the case though as a panel with 20% conversion efficiency would still suffice. However, a higher conversion efficiency translates to more watts of electricity. Most high-efficiency panels are smaller, take smaller roof space, and tend to be a little costly.

Quality and Warranty

 Determining the quality of a solar panel, the inverters and installation services notwithstanding is a tricky affair. The first place you can look at in order to rate the panel you are about to purchase is to look at the reviews of the same. You can learn a lot about a product from the reviews that other users about the same. You can collect as many reviews as you possibly can, and get an idea of how the various modules work before you make a choice.

Pro Tip: Look at reviews from people who have used the product for more than a year.

Also, you need to understand the warranty statement and terms; and whether they conform to the quality standards. Also, check on the history and experience of the company supplying you.


The best way to determine how much you are willing to spend on a solar panel is to know how many watts of electricity you will be getting per module. There is a general rule in life that you get what you pay for, so be careful when choosing solar panels. You will end up saving up on utility costs alright, but a low price panel may translate to poor performance and reliability. This is also not to say that you should use up all your life savings on a solar panel. Check the quality first and get the best bargain you can.

Renewable Energy
                             Solar energy offers the perfect choice of renewable energy


The manufacturer of your panel of choice is debatable. Most solar panels are manufactured in China, although some people swear that the best panels are made in Germany. Like earlier said, this is a debatable [topic, and it narrows down to individual preferences. Bottom line is, choosing a manufacturer is purely pout of choice, the greatest thing to look at is the quality of the device. That will take you a longer way than concentrating on the manufacturer.

The beauty of solar panels is that they provide low-cost renewable energy for your home, thereby reducing utility costs for your household without any adverse effects on the environment. Before buying a solar panel for your home, perform thorough research and know what material your panel of choice is made from and also how it is mounted; this will help determine what environment the panel works best in.