<span class="hpt_headertitle">Supply of Energy Saving Products</span>

Supply of Energy Saving Products

Energy saving products help to reduce overall energy use which in turn reduces your energy bill. Consumers are slowly drifting towards energy saving gadgets as they not only save money but also the environment since the products reduce the amount of energy generated through burning of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, which eventually lowers the greenhouse gas emission. Energy saving products/gadgets, perform the same tasks as other energy devices only that the former uses a fraction of energy.

At Merculex Energy, we supply genuine energy saving products e.g. LED lights, Energy Meters, Smart Air Conditioning and Smart Gas Savers. Our experienced technical team is also equipped to install and do regular maintenance at your convenience. Our indoor lighting gadgets include: down lights, ceiling lights, spotlights, linear flay, high bays and panel edge light while our outdoor lighting collection include: flood lights., wall pack units, buried lights, spikes and bollards. We also offer customized lighting solutions for your needs.