The Best Way to Maintain an Electrical System

Electrical System

The lifeline of any business lies in the electrical network, because that is what drives all the operations in the business. Network operators as well as plant managers face two major challenges in their line of work; maintaining the electrical system to ensure uninterrupted power supply while also dealing with budget cuts and safety concerns.

The main reason why systems fail is lack of maintenance; electrical equipment requires regular maintenance to optimize operations and avoid breakdowns and accidents. Electrical maintenance covers all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing and replacing all the elements of an electrical system. For maximum efficiency, contract a licensed professional with complete knowledge of the national code and conduct, as well as regulations for electrical maintenance.

Preventive Electrical Maintenance

The essence of periodic electrical maintenance is to identify any electrical faults in time and fix them before they become disastrous. For instance, a generator that sits idle for months may not be able to power on well due to clogging of old fuel or uncharged starting batteries. Therefore, before such equipment is put into use, maintenance must first be performed on it. These are issues that can be identified through preventive maintenance.

The major challenge of electrical maintenance is the nature of electrical wiring. It can be a challenge to pinpoint the location of the problem if the system is built into the building. A professional will engage thermal imaging to identify issues with both electrical connection points and equipment operation. When such problems are identified early enough, chances of unexpected power outages is reduced and the equipment is also protected from damage.

Electrical maintenance is a process that no commercial facility should be without. Large scale operations may have their on-staff electricians, but even without one, they can still contract a licensed professional for scheduled electrical maintenance and servicing.

Electrical Maintenance
                           Ensure you have regular electrical maintenance on your equipment

When developing an effective maintenance program, there are a few considerations to put in mind:

  • On-demand maintenance

On demand maintenance is a service that occurs only by request and does not involve any long term service provider agreement. It is more of a one-time service and does not receive priority response from a service provider. It rarely factors in the life-cycle of the equipment. The maintenance officer only goes in for repair and leaves. The repair cost, in this case, may be low but there is a risk of losses that can be of negative impact to your company.

  • Service Plans

Unlike on-demand maintenance, service plan is a long term service agreement that covers maintenance and offer ‘predictive maintenance’ to help reduce chances of disruption when the system is running. It estimates and simulates the condition of the equipment over time and gives thorough assessment on the downtime risks. Service plans also include parts replacements, system adjustment and cleaning. It offers custom features to unique business requirements. It may cost more but ultimately has a good return on investment. A structured and planned maintenance program optimizes the lifespan of equipment and safeguards human life.

Investing in electrical system maintenance enables you to avoid up to 67% of potential electrical breakdowns and associated financial losses. It also prolongs the lifespan of the electrical equipment and it is for these reasons and more, that electrical maintenance is an important part of commercial building operations.