Why it’s important to have an Energy Audit

Energy audit

It does not matter whether you are operating a small business, a large commercial firm, a manufacturing unit or a home. An energy audit is a mandatory exercise that needs to be taken by anyone looking into saving money on energy bills and still getting an efficient supply of energy. An energy auditor is able to identify measures that generate more savings while stabilizing your energy needs in the long run, which may be some good news for your budget.

Performing an energy audit will help you identify your usage patterns and examine if there is any waste or over-expenditure. This makes you fully aware of how you are using your energy on a daily. With this knowledge, you are able to cut off on some unnecessary energy uses and be able to track usage as well as accelerate your savings.

What is an Energy Audit?

So, what exactly is an energy audit? This is an analysis done by a professional, usually known as an energy auditor, to identify the levels of energy consumption and the possible avenues that can be used to reduce on consumption and in the long run save on utility bills.

Why Should You Get an Energy Audit?

Energy audit is not an exercise known to many even though energy rates keep sky-rocketing and businesses are at considerable risks of over-spending on utility. Auditing helps identify where energy is not being used appropriately; it also measures the amount of carbon emissions. The higher the percentage of carbon emissions, the higher the amount of wasted energy. A qualified and experienced auditor will be able to identify where the wastage lies and be able to advise on how to reduce energy wastage and save costs. Energy auditing also best equips you with the methods to reduce energy waste and overall energy consumption. In the case of energy, less is actually more. A lower energy consumption does not only mean lower energy costs but also contributes to a healthy environment due to lower carbon emissions into the air.

energy auditing
Our staff performing an energy audit

Apart from providing advice on how to use your energy sufficiently, submitting your most recent bills to our desk (info@merculexenergy.com) or calling us directly on +254 777 442 120 our in-house energy experts are able to provide a complimentary analysis to e nsure that your bills are consistent and also help to identify potential waste. Energy management does require a strategy as well as measures to cut on costs just like any other aspect of operation. Performing an energy audit allows you to gain more control over your energy costs while in the same breath, reducing your carbon footprint hence having a healthier environment, which is one of our goals.

Some of the benefits pegged to performing a professional energy audit include:

  • It reduces the cost of energy in your facility.
  • It reduces environmental damage and pollution due to reduced rate of carbon emission.
  • It discovers any energy wastage, as well as any unaccounted consumption of energy that may exist.
  • It increases profitability through optimization of energy expenditure
  • It increases productivity through optimizing the use of equipment.
  • It increases performance due to the rationalized energy use after auditing.

An energy audit is a recommended exercise that will help you identify any areas that wastes your energy; and also, it determines the level of energy consumption potential savings that is associated with energy consumption. For this reason, auditing your energy is a highly recommended exercise even by the energy governing body, Energy and Petroleum  Regulatory Authority – EPRA.