Wind Power; a Sustainable Source of alternative Energy

Wind Power

In pursuit of renewable energy, wind power has always been one of the options to turn to and because of the growing population that leads to an increase in the price of non-renewable energy, people have been forced to seek alternative fuels that are easily and cheaply available to meet their growing demand for energy; hence the popularity of wind energy which has long served as a power source to humans.

In the ancient days, mariners used sails to capture wind energy in order to keep their boats afloat while farmers used windmills to grind their grains and pump water. Today, wind turbines are used to harvest kinetic energy which is in turn used to power the area surrounding the place where the turbines are erected. However, wind power still provides a small fraction of the world’s energy.

Wind exists because of the uneven spread of the heat from the sun on the earth. When hot air rises into the sky, cooler air moves in to fill the void and because of that movement, wind happens. Therefore, wind energy will always exist as long as solar energy exists. Wind energy is one of the alternative sources of energy that have been used since 2000BC. It has a huge potential to replace non-renewable energy and its popularity has grown way too fast over the years.

Advantages of Wind Power

Wind power is harvested by use of turbines which harness energy from steam, air and combustion gases. Turbines, which are classified as a type of engine, are used to generate electricity to use in engines and propulsion systems. The following are some of the advantages linked to wind power:

Cost effective

Wind power is a renewable energy that is lowest priced compared to all the other sources of energy available, depending on the wind resource. Electricity from wind farms is usually sold at a fixed price and its fuel price is free. The cost of fuel is what makes other traditional sources of energy a bit expensive.

Employment opportunities

Wind power harvesting requires man-power at some point therefore offering employment opportunities to turbine technicians and also supporting more jobs in manufacturing, installation, maintenance and support services.

It is a clean source of energy

With the world gearing towards a clean source of energy, wind energy is just but one of the options that are preferred. It does not pollute the air like power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas that emit certain gases into the air. The wind turbines do not produce any emissions into the atmosphere that are detrimental to human health.

It is an infinite and sustainable source of energy

The main reason people run to renewable energy is because fossil fuels are finite. Wind on the other hand is an infinite alternative because it does not deplete. As long as the sun shines, there will always be wind; giving you the confidence of having energy for both domestic and commercial use.

Wind Energy
                       Kinetic energy is turned into electric energy using turbines.

Wind turbines do not affect other activities

This is a great benefit to the economy because turbines do not take up much space and can be erected in pre-existing ranches and farm lands. Farmers can continue tilling their land as the turbines only take up a fraction of the lands. Wind power plants only make some rental payments to the owners of the land, giving the land owners an avenue for earning extra income.

There are a few drawbacks of wind energy with the main one being complaints from residents around wind turbines complaining that the turbines are a little noisy, Also, the rotating blades of the turbines have enough energy to kill a stray bird. The wind is also variable, if it is not blowing, there won’t be any electricity. Nevertheless, the wind power industry is gaining popularity due to the global effort to combat climate change and shift towards renewable and sustainable energy.